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Our emotional health and fitness is not right. I mean the structure of our ideas, the way it sets in the hands of the person way of life in the world. We all, in the world, are success-oriented people.

We value success more than we value way of life. So, we are always in a hurry to be effective – more and more and more! This emotional hurry changes our way of life into a emotional competitors.

Our ideas always keeps working – here, there, everywhere! We never sit in comfort – not for a single second! When ideas is in a hurry, what does someone’s personal body system do? It, too, never sets in comfort. This not only effects our emotional health and fitness, but our personal body system health and fitness as well.

Body decreases itself and keeps its muscular tissues reduced regularly, which gradually becomes our personal body system habit – the way our personal body system becomes habituated of keeping itself.

It never remains comfortable.

It always keeps putting stress on certain areas of the body system through its regularly reduced muscular tissues and the corresponding position pennis deformation in its position skeleton; which, in turn, effects the appropriate working of the areas of the body system involved.

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Mental health and fitness effects the physical health; which, in turn, effects the structure of the mind-body system. Viewpoint is the first victim to be taken in by the onslaughts of this nexus between the upset emotional health and fitness and the upset personal body system place.

Now, what I did, was learning the upset personal body system place in detail; and changing it with the right one immediately set the perspective. And once the alternative was done, the way of life should have gone completely smooth along with the set perspective without any propensities to drop coming back to the old styles of body-behavior again.

But it was not to be so.

Mental health and fitness does play its part in identifying the propensities someone’s personal is going to place itself in! It does so through the tool of emotional hurry at its comfort. As the patients appropriate their perspective through posturing their personal body system right, they do not appropriate their emotional disposition; which again tends to ruin their place the way it had done so in the past when the perspective problem had taken main for originally in their way of life.

The upset emotional health and fitness tends to wrong the retrieved personal body system coming back to disease! The mind effects someone’s personal body system. Now, my question is: Does the other not keep good too? Does someone’s personal body system – the style of place – not effect the ideas – the style of considered – too?

If the style of considered did it to the style of place, the style of place should do it to the style of considered as well! The cause and effect connection has always been a dialectical one in the world in way of life – this is as far as our information of technology, in common, goes.

Working with personal is easier, faster and more concrete than working with the very subjective ideas is. But there remains an inertial effect that takes its time period in providing the essential change in its edition – in this case, the ideas. Design of place can be set immediately, but not the style of considered.

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