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The Health Care Debate

The health and fitness proper excellent care debate is a hot political topic right now in the United States. Some say we must have free health and fitness proper excellent care available to all because health and fitness proper excellent care is too costly for most people. A serious sickness can cause bankruptcy. Others say that we can’t afford health and fitness proper excellent care as a nation, and the existing health and fitness proper excellent care bill necessitates that we all buy insurance plan, whether we want to or not, thus taking away our freedom of choice.

Both sides have some excellent points. We need change. But there are other problems that impact our health and fitness proper excellent care top high quality and expenses that are hardly ever discussed by the media and in debates.

For example, The standard medications offered in the US is allopathic drugs, which gives you three options: tests, drugs and surgery treatment therapy. Those are your only choices. Sometimes these are way of life preserving, especially in traumatic injuries. Allopathic drugs shines in brave, way of life preserving procedures.

But these days, most of our illnesses are serious circumstances, such as being suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular sickness and arthritis. These circumstances do not go away with pills or surgery treatment therapy. The best our doctors can do is handle as well as with drugs. We do not really heal, we just handle signs so we can get by. Often our total well being is diminished, and we can have drug adverse reactions, which leads to more drugs to deal with the side effects!

The existing health and fitness proper excellent care bill needs allopathic therapies. But what about alternative medicine? There are many ways to treat the whole whole body besides drugs and surgery: herbal therapy, chiropractic, power drugs, homeopathics, vitamin therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage, hypnosis, dietary therapy, mind- whole whole body therapy, flower essences, and more.

Many people are willing to pay for these natural home alternatives, out of their own pockets, with no insurance plan reimbursement. I know, I am one of them! I have always been attracted to natural herbs. I love plants and nature and I feel their therapy potential for balance, harmony and wholeness. I’m a whole foods chef. Homepathics, power drugs and herbs work for me.

With the health and fitness proper excellent care needs, will I be forced to pay for allopathic screenings, even though I do not need radiation diagnostics, drugs or surgery? I am convinced that for my whole whole body, these alternatives can be dangerous. I have a big question mark here, as natural drugs is not settled at all in the health and fitness proper excellent care bill. It is assumed that we all want allopathic proper excellent care. Not so!

Another issue hardly ever settled is how the great top high high quality of our foods is contributing to the majority of our illnesses.

According to health and fitness specialist and best selling author Michael Pollen, 75% of our health and fitness proper excellent care expenses are spent on serious illnesses, and that’s our real health and fitness proper excellent care crisis. Chronic illnesses due to insufficient diet strategy is what is bankrupting the nation.

If we want to have real health and fitness, we must fresh up our foods. Low top high quality foods contributes to being suffering from diabetes, cancer and heat sickness. Today the average market is full of harmful foods, genetically modified ingredients in harmful foods, MSG, aspartame and other excitotoxins, and hormone filled meat and dairy. And so-called diet strategy foods often are the worst offenders!

Processed foods make us sick and fat, so then we go to the the doctor to get drugs for all our signs due to our insufficient diet strategy.

The existing US foods strategy subsidizes maize and soy, which are in almost all junk foods and harmful foods as soy lecithin, maize oil, great fructose maize syrup, soy oil, isolated soy protein, and other ingredients from soy and maize. Making harmful foods with maize and soy is cheap. So we have the case where a McDonalds burger is cheaper than vegetables. No wonder we are fat!

If we happen to have enough money, we can select fresh generate, natural foods and village entrepreneurs marketplaces. But not everyone has accessibility fresh generate, and organics is costly. Diet must be changed to encourage fresh foods, and we need town scenery. Fortunately some people are waking up to the importance of fresh foods, and some organizations are creating town scenery and teaching children about where foods comes from.

So to truly have a healthy nation and affordable health and fitness proper excellent care, we need a new foods strategy, accessibility top top high quality foods, more village entrepreneurs marketplaces, and the freedom to select natural herbs.

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